About Bionic Heroes

Bionic Heroes is a new NFT collection created by Bionic Labs, a company dedicated to developing technologically advanced Bionic limbs for those with limb impairment. Bionic Labs is founded by a diverse group of individuals from all over the globe, looking to make a positive impact on society.
Therefore, an exciting NFT collection, Bionic Heroes, was founded in order to help Bionic Labs achieve its goal of donating bionic limbs to those in need and further advance their medical development, proving that there are no limitations to a person’s capabilities.
The vision we hope to achieve consists of the development of prosthetic legs, arms, exoskeletons, kidneys, eyes, heart, and sports prosthesis. This NFT collection is ready to bring forth the most exceptional benefits.
Bionic Heroes will operate with full transparency, respect, and integrity for the community.
We believe in the future that the Blockchain and NFTs hold, and how our world is being redefined. Therefore, we intend to bring you a solid utility and strong community.