Bionic Heroes Gives Back

Bionic Heroes will be the first project to showcase their utility before even launching the NFT collection. The Bionic Labs team is currently working on the first donation case, which will be documented and shared with the community.
Bionic Heroes believes in giving back to the community, ready to prove their commitment to their cause, by providing the community with utilities before the collection even launches.
With every 100 NFTs sold, the community as a whole takes part in voting through a decentralized application for one individual to receive a donation of a bionic limb.
An application will be launched to serve as a DAO. This application will allow holders from all over the world to vote on who will receive the donation of a prosthetic limb delivered to their doorstep
Most importantly, Bionic Heroes looks forward to producing prosthetic limbs, prosthetics for athletes, exoskeleton technology, and eventual prosthetic organ production.
Bionic Heroes strongly believes that everyone has the right to accessible prosthetic technology.
Their methods are user-friendly and customized to each individual's life.