Bionic Heroes NFT collection

Bionic Heroes is a collection of 7,000 Bionic Heroes living in the Ethereum blockchain, aiming to donate 70 bionic limbs to those in need. Each 100 holders will be changing a life forever. As they together, will be gifting one Bionic limb. Aside from the humanitarian aspect, the 7,000 Bionic Hero holders will be considered as shareholders of Bionic Labs with 10% of the company. Bionic Heroes is not an ordinary NFT project as it is timeless, where the utility of it is not limited to a certain period of time.
To maintain transparency and honesty, a financial statement will be shared every year in addition to a tracker that will be shared with the community to track the number of Bionic limbs donated.
Bionic labs will also release a docu-series documenting the journey of the Bionic Labs team as they change lives around the globe. The docu-series will be shared with major broadcasting channels such as BBC and Netflix.
Together, we write history.