Bionic Labs

Bionic Labs is a limited liability American company based in New York. We produce prostheses that facilitate amputees’ daily life with customized, user-friendly bionic arms, prosthetic limbs, and even specialized limbs for sports, such as tennis, basketball, swimming, weightlifting, planks, horseback riding, and much more. Dedicated to innovative technology to serve humanity!
With the rise of Web3.0, Bionic Labs grasped the opportunity to expand our work and give back to the community. Is there any better utility than charity? In addition to giving back, being an actual shareholder in a leading Bionic company. Now that’s the perfect combination!
Bionic Labs are making sure to utilize Web3.0 to raise awareness and further expand our operations.
Furthermore, Bionic Labs also aims to utilize the Metaverse technology through augmented reality with the launch of the Bionic Labs Application, which will redefine bionic technology. The company will be able to perform the whole manufacturing process using AR from all around the globe.
Our goal is to have advanced and affordable healthcare available to all and to push the technological boundaries of decentralized blockchains and NFTs as well as giving back to the community. Bionic Heroes dedicates its NFT collection to medical development as well as raising donations for prosthetic limbs.