A Helping Hand For every 100 NFTs sold, one person will receive a donation of a prosthetic limb. Holders will be able to participate in the donation process through a decentralized application with a total of 70 Bionic Limbs to be donated!
Life Time Investment Bionic Heroes NFT holders will be considered as real life shareholders in Bionic Labs, which will give them yearly dividends sent directly to their wallets.
Vision For All - Bionic Labs will release a series of documented episodes of the donation process, from discovery to creation and to delivery! Our heroes can witness it all.
🙏 One For The Idols Our fun factor comes within minting the 70 rarest NFTs, as those NFTs will be higher in value and holders will be named the Alpha Heroes.
🌌 The Awakening - Launch of the Bionic App which allows receivers to use AR technologies to envision their bionic limb using accurate measurements, which leads to them receiving their Bionic limb, wherever they are in the world!